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Glass Screen Printing

Solar Energy Glass Printing, Green Energy Glass Printing,Front Windsheild Glass Printing, Back Windsheild Glass Printing, Triangle Lateral Window Glass Printing, Panoramic Skylight Glass Printing,Partition Curtain Glass Printing, Interior Decorative Glass Printing, Bathroom Glass,Self-Cleaning Glass Printing, Isolating Glass Printing, Large Size Glass Printing

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Photovoltaic Glass Screen Printer
Application : printing white color ink onto glass to increase effect of power reflection.

Front / Back Windshield Glass : applied by screen printing black frame, bus bar, defog thermal line, logo with text onto flat glass panel. Including regular printing glass size 1300x2200 mm and 1200x2000 mm

Partition Curtain Glass : applied by screen printing chemical layer for functional purpose like thermal, UV isolation layer, or self-cleaning layer, logo etc. onto flat glass panel

Glass for refrigerator's door and partition : printing graphic art, symbols, frame, logo, etc. onto glass Glass for mantelpiece, cooktop microwave oven : printing back frame, signs, marks, functional symbols, logo, etc. onto glass Glass for vertical air conditioner : printing graphic art, signs, functional symbols, logo, etc. onto glass

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