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Membrane Switch Printing

Overlay Membrane Switch Printing, Membrane Switch anel Printing, Flexible Membrane Switch Printing, Rigid Membrane Switch Printing, Silver Flex Membrane Switch Printing, Copper Flex Membrane Switch Printing, PCB Membrane Switch Printing

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Membrane switch is a sandwich of thin layer that are bounded together using pressure sensitive adhesives. Depending on the application requirement, it is consisted of 4~9 layers. The visible top layer of membrane switch is the graphic overlay, with printed circuitry underneath the overlay that uses pressure to open and close a circuit. The membrane switch circuitry is most often screen printed using conductive ink as silver, carbon or graphite. The circuitry can also incorporate different layers such as Polyester (silver flex), Polyimide (copper flex) and rigid PCB layer, Activation of a switch occurs when a printed shorting pad or metal dome makes contact with the bottom circuit layer thus, closing the circuit. Applicable models handler printing area in range 350x500 ~ 600x915 mm

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